Pony Farmer

Tina's been fascinated with horses ever since she was a little girl and used to spend all her summer vacations as her grandparents' farm. Most of all, she's been always very fond of ponies. Now that she's finally made her dream come true, that of owning her pony farm, she realizes that she can't manage to run it all by herself and that she needs a skillful helper, with a huge love for horsies, toteam up with her. See if you could make it as this lovely farmer's right hand getting the pony farmer management game started!

I know you simply cannot stop staring at that gorgeous pony yo have there, but you need to get out of your mood and... get to work for the poor horsy looks kind of hungry to me. Guide Tina to the towards hay you have there, then back to the pony's stable and watch him as he gladly enjoys his treat. That is the most rewarding part of all the farm management games that we get to enjoy online, right? It won't be long till the tiny wish bubble above its head will let you know that it's time to get him a bucket of fresh water. Don't think that it's only in the stable's area of the farm that you'll be “operating”. No, now and then you need to get to Tina's grass field, too, and make sure you have enough grass and therefore enough hay supplies, then you also need to get to the market, too, in order to buy all kinds of precious farming tools. Good luck, you!

If you're always ready for some new challenges and most of all if you're crazy about the life at a countryside, you'll surely appreciate the farm management games selection that we've prepared for you on our website!


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