Pony Care 2

Welcome to Ponyland! All the magic horsies living here have been waiting for you, you know! They need someone who's so caring and loving for taking the best care of them. Do you happen to know such a pony lover? If you'd like to be the one pampering and giving these cute fantasy horsies all the love and attention that they need, go on and pick the pony that you like most and turn yourself into its loving owner! He'll be counting on you to clean his area off all the smelly poo and dirty hay, then to keep him protected from all those annoying nasty little flies bugging him, then to groom him, through and through, from his mane to his tail! Cover him in foam and rub it into his skin, then rinse it off and don't forget to dry your horsy, too, lest he should catchy a cold. Lovely! Gently brush your adorable pony's skin, then focus on his teeth, too, for they, too, need a brushing session! Isn't this like one of the most engaging, most adorable pony care games that you've ever enjoyed?


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