Pirate Ship Wash

We dare you to turn this pirate ship... wreck into a really spectacular, magnificently looking ship! Do you take the dare? Then you'd better start cleaning it for it definitely looks like it hasn't met the sponge and the detergent in a long... long time! Remove all those awful mud stains, make sure to mend it, too, for there are all kinds of cracks that need all your attention, give her a final polish using the towel put at your disposal and voila: you've reached the steps where you get to unleashyour creativity and embellish the new spotless clean ship to your licking! Wouldn't you agree that this is one of the online management games featuring a really surprising theme? Go for an eye-catching, adorably cute print for its sails, get it painted in a new lovely color and then you can be sure your new ship will effortlessly outshine all the other pirate vessels sailing on the clear blue sea!

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