Pinkie Pie Rainbow Rocks

There's going to be a mega “Rainbooms” concert this very evening and the rock band's talented, drummer, lovely Pinkie Pie, is determined to impress the audience not just with her drums playing skills, but with her funky chic look, as well! Would you be her fashion stylist and make-up artist? Go through her make-up kit and come up with a bold, candy-like make-up look for her, then see which one of those fabulous bright pink hairstyles, featuring eye-catching blue highlights, suits her best, then feel free to sweep through her girly chic outfits with a twist, in eye-popping colors! Wouldn't you instantly place this game here on your top favorite Equestria Girls games online list? A full miniskirt paired with a multicolored chic top or maybe a lovely, attention-grabbing candy girl dress paired with some chic beaded jewels, would make the perfect stage fashion look for sweet Pinkie Pie to color up and style up her entire stage performance with!

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