Pikachu Pokemon Dressup

For the millions of Pokemon fans the Pikachu dress up game is out now. Featuring even more clothes, even more accessories which means more fun, more entertainment and more possibilities for dress up.

The Pokemons are cute little pocket monsters, which have supernatural powers. Some of these are good monsters some are evil. Pikachu is one of these small friendly pocket monsters. The little monster winks at you and invites you to dress it up with the numerous clothes and things that you can see all over the screen on this Pokemon dress up game.

Dress Pikachu as this is the purpose of the game. If you take a look at the top part of the screen, you'll see a lot of tops for Pikachu. The Pikachu dress up game features all sorts of unexpected tops such as a Robin Hood style shirt, a fancy vest with a shirt underneath, a kimono or a businessman suit.

The Pikachu dress up game continues with a variety of bottoms.

You can also dress Pikachu in different styles, according to your preferences of style. The hair style may be decided by you; even if Pikachu doesn't have hair, there are a few wigs that you can try on.

There are also a few ribbons, hats, pirate hats, scarves, tie bows and loads more to improve the quality of this Pokemon dress up.

Change a bit of the monotony of the game and add a few accessories that will definitely make you laugh. Give Pikachu a pirate's eye patch, or a crown. The Egyptian mummy bandage can be also used for a plus of dramatism for this lighthearted game, and this bloody bandage may be combined with a businessman's suit for the maximum blast. You may even add the Censor sign on the result, so that you warn the onlookers about certain aspects of the dress up game. After all, this game is for fun, it shouldn't be take too seriously. Some glasses may complete the look of Pikachu or the winner bandage is also available for you to use and put on this cute little monster.

In the end, the Pikachu dress up game offers any Pokemon fan a great blast. The tiny monster will be happy and satisfied with your choice of clothes; do your best and dress Pikachu up, make her look good and stylish.

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