Pet Store Slacking

What's Sarah up to now? Well, the latest news if that she' taken an awesome summer job: she works in a cute pet shop! How cool is that! Still, since you all know naughty Sarah pretty well and you know that she would do precisely what she's not supposed to do, you would know that even here, surrounded by all those loveable pets she needs you as her.. ally. Get the pet store slacking game started and help her indulge in pet feeding, pet grooming or pet walking when it's not the right time to do that!

It's Sarah's first day at the pet store, you know, so she must definitely make the best impression to her lady boss, the owner of the store. She's assigned to focus on the basic tasks to be carried around out around the shop such as... sweeping and under no circumstance she should get too close to those cages or god forbid take the pets out of their cages. Well, Sarah's not really the kind of girl to obey rules, so she's counting on you to help her take that adorable puppy out for a fun walk, clicking the left and right arrows on your screen to help him run about the backyard, to help her take out the kitty to groom her fluffy fur, she would even need you to help her teach that gorgeously colored parrot pet there to utter specific phrases and so on. Is this like one of the cutest online fun skill games for girls or what? Help her indulge in her animal slacking fun and help her take great care of all those pets that she's already so very fond of, but do your best and watch her back, lest she'll get spotted that she doesn't stick to the rules that the shop's manager imposed to her.

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