Perfect Groom

Which are your prince charming fantasies? OK, so he's tall, drop dead gorgeous, super charming and, of course, incredibly stylish, too. Since prince charming and the perfect groom is pretty much one and the same person, how about bringing your fantasies into the real world playing theperfect groom dress up gameand getting this hottie the perfect, elegant look for his sumptuous wedding ceremony!

Now this is what I call an fancy-sophisticated, amazing wardrobe! Check out this future groom's suits collection! Feel free to rummage through those various types of elegant coats, fancy pants and stylish designer shoes and don't forget to focus your attention and your skills as a hairstylist on his beautiful locks too, choosing him an equally chic haircut to go with his smashing wedding outfit! Playing the perfect groom dress up game you get to put your fashion talent to a test and combine those elegant long pants of different colors and styles with those short and long frock coats, some of them with fancy shoulder boards on, other with elegant butterfly bows and put together the wedding look to dazzle the lovely bride with! Do you think she would appreciate a stripe shirt or rather a refined, snow-white one? How about the perfect fancy shoes that will complete the groom's outfit?That's not all! Playing the perfect groom dress up game you'll get to be this handsome groom's accomplice in creating a super sweet, romantic surprise for his dashing bride: a gorgeous wedding flower bouquet! Help him pick the most beautiful one and add tones of loveliness and bright color to her own chic bridal gown, too!

Play the perfect groom dress up game and create the ultimate, most stylishly sophisticated look for this prince charming/groom to amaze his lovely bride with!

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