Peppy's Fruit Shop

Cute Peppy's fruit shop is by far that place in town where you ca always be sure to find the mostfresh and most delicious, most juicy fruits in the whole region! Since customers are queuing up in front of her stand and since they will quickly lose their patience if she keeps them waiting for too long, what would you say about helping her select the exact type of fruits they'd like to buy and that... ASAP? Would the first customer like to buy just one single apple, for adding to his lunch meal, an orange for one of his colleagues and one raspberry, too? Then make sure you're quick enough to carry out his order clicking on those three specific fruits, placed in the 3 columns on your screen, the moment they'll reach the red little arrows there. Is sure is one of the most fast-paced fun match three games that you've ever tried isn't it? All the fruits will be rolling like crazy, so once you spot the target ones, be super quick to click on them and... freeze them, putting together the exact 3 fruits line set as an example on top of your screen!



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