Peppa Pool

I bet you did not know that Peppa Pig (and her family's) latest “obsession” now is practicing her billiard playing skills, each time she has some spare time available. It has become the Peppas' new top favorite family activity, you know, and you're more than welcome to join them as they're about to … hit the pool and show off their skills as we speak. Do your best to impress them with your own outstanding skills as a pool player, as well! Wisely think over your every move and put together your whole strategies for sending as many of those colorful billiard balls (each one of them featuring the cute little face of a member of the Peppa family) into the holes as possible. Just click on the “key” ball on the table, the multicolored, polka dotted one, and, as you keep your left mouse button pressed, gently move your mouse, thus setting the right angle for your shot. Once decided, release the button and make that key ball bump into one of the other ones on the pool table, which will automatically bump into several ones, finally sending one of the balls into the closest hole (or not). Have fun playing billiards with the Peppa family!

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