Peppa Pig Eye Care

Pinkie sweet little Peppa Pig is having some alarming vision problems these days, you know! The poor piggy cannot see as clearly as she used to and she's come to you for a complete eye exam, since you're the best eye doctor in the online world! So, step into the shoes of an ophthalmologist and complete all the right steps to take during the examination. Start by testing lovely Peppa Pig's near vision! Just strive to recognize the geometrical figures popping up on the left side of your screen and pick the corresponding ones from those tabs there, on the right side. Next, check Peppa's distance vision, as well! Have you enjoyed other eye care games so far which featured such adorable lisle patients like this famous pink piggy here? Take a close look at the letters highlighted for you there and make sure to type on the corresponding letter keys on your keyboard. Next, it will be duo-chrome test time!


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