Noelia Dressup

At the first look, she is just a common fashionista with an impressive wardrobe made of all those clothing items you have just seen at the New York fashion week. Playing the Noelia dress up game you 'll realize she is a very original fashionista who knows just how to personalize her outfits in a very creative, spontaneous manner.

Start thistrendy girl dress up game! What do you see? You have Noelia standing in the middle of her room, struck by one of those fashion dilemmas: what should she wear for her super important interview for the Cosmopolitan editor post? Just give a click on one of those discreet squared figures on the top left side of the trendy girl dress up game page and there you have a breath taking parade of fancy dresses, trendy skinny jeans, stylish handbags and shoes. First, you should decide the style she will adopt for this special occasion. Not too posh, for it's not a cocktail party after all and not too sporty, for it's a job interview, not a walk in the park with her dog. I say you can never go wrong with jeans. Just drag and drop a pair of super trendy, skinny jeans, posh up the outfit with a pair of high heeled shoes, the red one are just fantastic and a fancy Prada bag and there, she's almost ready. I leave the choice of the top to you! Also, check out this; when you play the trendy girl dress up game you even get to choose the room, a more girlish, pink decorated room, a more glamorous one, you name it!

Noelia is so close to getting that job, I am sure. She just needs the perfect make up now! You can find some great tips playing theMiley make up game !

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