My Cute Pom Puppy

Aww, look at this heart-melting cute bundle of fur here! Isn't this pom puppy here the most adorable puppy that you've ever seen? In no time you'll definitely rate this game as one of the most adorable cute puppy care games that you've ever played! Moreover, it's about to become the most adorable puppy that you've ever actually... taken care of, as well, you know! That's right, how about adopting this pom pooch here? Pick a lovely fur color for him, then come up with a cute doggy name, as well, next... turn yourself into the most loving and caring owner that this doggy could have ever dreamed of! Pay great attention to its needs and guide him to his bedding if he's a bit tired, fill in its bowl with its top favorite doggy snack if he gets hungry, click on the “praise” or on the “scold” tab popping up there and watch his adorable reactions, then on the “sit” and “lay” ones, as well... Feel free to take him out, as well, for a quick walk, then to quickly towel dry him if outside it will have rained cats and dogs in fact, to let him play with his favorite toy and so on. Have fun!

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