Monster Baby at the Dentist

She sure is cute, she sure is charming and I bet she has the sweetest smile in the whole Monsterland, too! Well... not quite, for this cute monster baby here's quite embarrassed by her teeth. She would desperately need a skillful and gentle dentist like you to fix all her teeth' problems and help her confidently sport a huge smile whenever she feels like. Effectively handle those dentist tools, using each one of them for fixing a specific tooth problem. You have one for filling in those cavities, another one for whitening her teeth, other for... pulling out those teeth which really need to be replaced with new ones etc. Isn't this like one of the most ingeniously themed free simulation games that you've ever tried? Once they all look perfect, get ready for styling them up, too, getting them painted in candy colors and decorated with all kinds of lovely cute tooth stickers, too!


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