Modern Kimono Design

Girls, meet Kim, a talented young fashion designer! She's designing her very first fashion collection these days, you know, one inspired by the so very exquisite traditional Japanese kimono. She's decided to turn it into her main source of fashion inspiration after her last trip in Japan, you know! Since she'd be more than happy to have you as her assistant, what do you say, would you help her design some breath-taking gorgeous modern kimonos to leave all those fashion critiques attending her upcoming show mouth-opened with? Then start by selecting the perfect design for the very first kimono that you'll be designing! Next, get it colored up in a vi bran, vivid color or use that little pencil you have there, for getting it covered in a superb floral, geometrical or maybe birds-featuring pattern. Next, see how you could upgrade Kim's new spectacular modern kimono as you enjoy one of the most unique dress design games that you've ever played! A glam-posh fur collar or maybe a statement pendant necklace, a sophisticated hairdo and some superb statement boots and it's certain: this fashion look, having Kim's custom-made, jaw-dropping kimono as its center of attention, will definitely take the audience’s breath away during the fashion show this evening! Wouldn't you instantly describe this game as one of the most fashion creativity-stimulation ones you've recently played?

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