Minnie Mouse Dressup


Maybe she is not as famous as her equally cute lover, the worldwide known Mickey Mouse, but she is surely a lot more stylish. If you have always wanted to learn the secret tips of the glamorous-chic style, just check out theMinnie mouse dress up game!

Isn't she cute? That big smile, those big, fluffy ears that cute, round nose are just her second best qualities. Her major talent is combining cute-chic clothes in some awesome little outfits. For instance, just begin dressing up Minnie the mouse with a pretty, bright red, polka dotted dress and a fancy, little red hat. See, what I mean? She manages to look so adorably chic even when she puts on a comfy jumper and a pair of white sneakers with a cute pink heart shaped print on. For a romantic date with her beloved Mickey, there are plenty of chic combinations you can come up with while you're having fun playing the Minnie mouse dress up game. A cute, baby doll yellow dress and a pink ribbon on her cute ear along with a pair of candy pink ballet flats will surely rock her famous rodent lover off his paws.

What about a shopping day? What do you think she would wear on her errands in the search for the best slice of cheese? You should check out the 2009shopping girl dress up for the answer to your questions!

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