Minions House Makeover

As she was having the time of her life, playing with her adorable minion friends, sweet little Agnes got a phone call from the social services informing her that one of their workers would stop by Gru's house, just to check on the little pumpkin. Quick, you should really help sweet Agnes turn devilish Gru's house into a childproof, so very lively, welcoming home for a little girl like her to grow up in! First of all help her spot all the 3 minions, which are now hiding, as they were just playing hide and seek, then help the three little cuties clean up the living room and hide away all the spiky or sharp items there. I'm talking here about the spikes in the coffin-shaped closet, that you could camouflage with tennis balls, and about all those knifes lying on the floor, that you can tuck into the trunk you have there. Isn't this like one of the catchiest house makeover games you've ever played! Vacuum clean this place, too, remove all those nasty stains off the walls, as well, then put together a so very pretty, girly chic fashion look for sweet little Agnes to impress the social worker with, as well!

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