Minion Groom the Room

Oh, no! Our adorable little minion here has thrown a major party last evening, he's invited all his other cute minion friends, since his evil master was... out, carrying out his devilish plans, but now mean Gru has just let him know that he'll be back home in just... a few minutes! Well, the mansion is a complete mess right now, after the party, so you really, really have to help the tiny yellowish buddy get it cleaned up ASAP! Start with the front yard, chop, chop! It's unbelievable how dirty and messy all those little guests could leave it! If you're used to playing room clean up games online, you'll definitely become this one's biggest fan! It easily stands out from the crowd! Pick up the food leftovers, the paper waste as well and throw them all into the dustbin put at your disposal, put the newspapers back into the mailbox, the flower vases near the front door, where they're usually placed, make sure to mend the wooden fence as well, for it looks like pieces of it are hanging there, in the grass and... keep up the good work till the front yard looks as neat and as clean as it used to be then... focus your cleaning superpowers on another room of Guru's mansion, doing your best to “clean away” any possible clue that should let him know that little Minion has hosted a super party last night!


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