Mimi's Massage

After a super stressful week at the office lovely Mimi here would always reward herself with a full-body stress-relief massage at one of the most luxurious spa & beauty centers in town! They have the best masseuses, here, you know, and you're one of the most skilled of them all, the one that gorgeous Mimi would love to get pampered by today! So, are you ready to get all her stress out of every one of her muscles while getting her skin beautified, as well? Prepare your special lotus flower body massage lotion, first of all, getting the bowl of water popping up on your screen filled with those wonder flowers! It definitely is one of the most inspiring simulation games for girls online, isn't it? Next, pour chocolate scrub on Mimi's back and start massaging it, moving your cursor as indicated to you through those arrows showing up on your screen: either up and now or left and right. Once you've gently massaged her back though and through, remember to place those lotus flowers that you've just prepared along her backbone: they'll relax, as if by magic, every muscle of her body!

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