Messy Twilight Sparkle

My oh my! It looks like Twilight Sparkle's had a bit too much fun outside, with her pony friends: she's awfully messy and all covered in scratches, too! The poor thing's had a nasty accident as she was galloping, playing “catch me if you can” with all her My Little Pony best friends! Quick, there's not time to waste: start attending to the poor purple pony by gently handling those tweezers put at your disposal for removing all the little splinters that she's collected! Next, feel free to cover her up in soap foam, too, washing her up from head to... hoof, remember to spritz disinfectant lotion on all her reddish scratches, too, to brush off all the pebbles, as well, to comb her mane, in one world to give lovely Twilight Sparkle the perfect grooming! By the time you've complected the very last task you'll have no doubt left: this is one of the most addictive Twilight Sparkle games online that you've recently enjoyed!

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