Messy Baby Rosy

Oh, no! Look at poor little baby Rosy here! She's a mess, her mommy could not possibly find her looking as she does does: awfully dirty, covered in... bugs and bruises, too! Quick, this definitely calls for a major clean up intervention before baby Rosy's mom gets home! Grab all those tools put at your disposal for getting her a head to toe makeover! Start by using those tweezers for removing all the disgusting little bugs swarming on her tiny head! Next, brush off all those pebbles that she's collected on her arms, legs and clothes, get her all soapy, too, washing off all those nasty mud stains stuck to her body and clothes, then rinse the whole foam and keep in mind to apply some disinfectant on all her nasty looking wounds. Lovely! It sure is one of the most engaging baby care games for kids that you've ever enjoyed, isn't it! Don't forget to towel dry sweet little Rosy, as well, and she'll look clean and “polished” enough so that her mommy should not suspect that her little pumpkin has been slightly naughty today and get herself so messy during her fun outing in the park!


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