Mermaid Dress Up

The little mermaid is a cute character, dearly loved by girls of just about any age, so a mermaid dress up game is an entertaining game that will contain two of the girl's favorite things: clothes and the little mermaid.

This little mermaid dressup activity happens underwater, so be prepared to stay breathless. well, not really, but the setting of the game is underwater, and who knows, maybe the result will leave you breathless. Among the bubbles and the blue of the water, you will also be able to distinguish a few items of clothes that are so much the style of the little mermaid. There are also some arrows that will point you in the direction of the clothes that you can use in your dress up game.

Find the most suitable bra, which may be made of shells; some of the tops are made of sea weeds and are green or blue- so you might choose these, as they will look really original and suitable for a mermaid. There are also a few tops that can be placed on the little mermaid model. Choose a line of colors, and make sure you stay faithful to these until the end of the game. And afterwards, you can restart the game and go for the other colors and see what compliments the little mermaid the most.

As for the bottom part, even if the mermaid doesn't have legs, she can get some really nice skirts and veils to make her even prettier. There is also a choice of dresses, available in pink and purple, which are two of the favorite colors of the little mermaid.

Lower on the mermaid dress up game, you will find a bubble that is filled with lovely accessories. Do the little mermaid dressup and then accessorize. A small pink tiara is a great way to accessorize a pink or a purple dress, while the other beads, bracelets and necklaces will compliment the outfits of the mermaid in any case.

You can multi layer the clothes, and this may lead to original outfits, and great results in the mermaid dress up game.

This little mermaid dressup game is a great one, but there are more of this kind on the web site, so make sure you try all these. Don't forget to bookmark the mermaid dress up game, so as to be able to come back to it and replay it or show it to your parents, sisters and girl friends.

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