Manga Doll

Do I sense a weakness for lovely chic ruffles, for pretty, pretty ribbons and bows, for baby doll puffed sleeves, sweet ballet flats and colorful beaded jewels? Well, then you're no doubt a manga fashion addict! If you're always willing to add new and new notes of manga chicness to your wardrobe, you should definitely not miss the chance of browsing through this manga doll's girly chic, exquisite wardrobe and... turn it into your main source of inspiration!

I'm sure you're so eager to have a close look at all her manga fashion-inspired little outfits. But how about starting with her adorably chic, dolly hairstyle selection first? Pigtails or cute buns, a trendy chic short haircut or a lovely bob hairstyle? Then, accessorize our sweet manga dolly with a preciously looking beaded necklace. Since you already are a true doll dress up games for girls “fanatic”, you cannot but agree that this is one of the most addicting dolly cuteness-loaded ones you've ever enjoyed! Would you go for a refined pearl one or for a so very pretty, rosy pink, flowery one? Next, challenge your creativity as a manga fashion stylist and, looking through all her adorable, girly chic outfits, pull off some pretty little Lolita fashion looks for her. Start with the lovely baby doll dresses! How about styling her up in her navy blue colored pleated, bow tie minidress or maybe you prefer dressing her up in her sweet sheer pink flouncy one, or in her white-and-red little manga dress? Decide upon the chicest one, then style it up with some adorable ribbon ballet flats or maybe with her preppy chic checkered ones. Don't stop there, for there's more, more jaw-dropping cute manga fashion items to dig through, for this game sure isn't just another one of the dull ones that you can play online! Our sweet manga doll here also has an amazing manga shirts and blouses collection and a so very cute girly miniskirts collection, too, that you should not miss the chance to browse through, mix and match and use for putting together some lovely chic manga fashion combos. Keep in mind to scan through her eye-catching, colorful, wide-rimmed eyeglasses, too!

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