Enter evil queen Maleficent's dark world and make sure to live up to her standards and don't get her angry, as her fashion stylist servant! She's hosting the annual witches' reunion tonight and she's determined to look fabulous, gothic-stunning as she presides all those spooky spell casting, incantations uttering and potion making sessions! Quick, scan through all her gothic fancy corset bodices and long, long dark colored skirts, enjoying one of the most impressive fantasy dress up games online, then check out all her gloomy stylish witch dresses, some of them featuring spectacular tall, tall collars, others whimsical patterns, others long, majestic-like black capes and... make up your mind upon the outfit that she'll sport on this special, mysterious full moon night. Add even more gloomy spooky extravagance to her look with the help of a stunning, awe-inspiring head accessory, of an impressive scepter, an oversized, statement diamond necklace and of some... cutting-edge heels!


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