Lovely Ballerina

Oh, those lucky ballerinas! Not only that they have the grace, the spotlights on them during those spectacular ballet shows, but they also get to wear the most fabulous dresses and accessories! For a couple of minutes, you will be blessed with that luck. Choose your fantasy outfits playing the lovely ballerina dress up game!

From the fist clicks you'll give on the bullets on top of the page you'll be quite surprised to see that this is no ordinary ballerina. She surely knows how to personalize her tutus, her ballerina dresses. From the bright, vivid color to the precious fabrics such as lace and satin, her tutus are unique. We're talking about a modern ballerina! Like many of us, she is also a shoes addicted girl,so don't look too stunned to see that impressive collection of ballet ribbons. There is one for every tutu, in fact. Moreover, in the lovely ballerina dress up game, those discreet, tiny jewels have been replaced with some fancy, pendant necklaces and big stone rings, the only ones the could match the glamour of the dresses.Mind you don't get too dazzled by the sparkling jewelry and forget about the make up now!

Besides the ballerina fantasy, I'm sure you have, at some point, imagined you were a beautiful fairy, one as gorgeous as the beauty you'll find in thenice flower fairy dress up game !



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