Love Tester

Which one of those “One Direction” heartthrobs do you fancy yourself with, in your most daring fantasies? Is it gorgeous Liam Payne or maybe cute Harry Styles or drop-dead handsome Niall Horan? Now, how about putting your love for him to a test, finding out which are the odds that you two should form a happy couple in the really distant future! Type your name in the first tab you have there, then select your heartthrob's full name, too, and tap the “Predict” button, waiting for the result! It will come in the form of a short text line which will let you know whether you two are a match made in heaven or if you should consider picking another celebrity idol instead! Isn't this one of the most addicting fun games for girls you've ever enjoyed? Don't take it for granted, through, and have loads of fun selecting all the members' names, one by one, and even typing different imaginary names for you, too, coming up with all kinds of matches and amusing yourself as you read the resulting “love predictions”!


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