Love Test 2

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, wouldn't you like to be sure of your loved one's feelings for you, to be sure that you and your Valentine are Cupid's favorite lovebirds? Then have tones of fun taking this love test here! Click your name into that box you have there, then the name of that cute boy that you have a major crush on and next click “Calculate” and wait for the answer to all of your love questions to pop up. Meanwhile the birdies will be swimming around the big heart on your screen, the red rose, another symbol of love, will be losing its petals, one by one, all these creating the perfect romantic atmosphere for you and, of course, postponing the moment you'll find the truth about your love. Is this like one of the most catchy Valentine's Day games that you've ever tried or what? The answers will range from “Love may be blind, but you need to open your eyes” to “A match made in heaven. Did Cupid hit you both with his arrow?”. Have fun typing some of your friends' names, too, finding out how they would make as couples or random names that pop up into your mind, just for fun.


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