Look Alike Pizza

Do you think you could stay focused looking at all these tempting pizzas, doing your best to memorize all those yummy ingredients and their exact way in which they're display on the yum, yum pizzas? Find out responding to this memory challenge here: take a close look at the pizza treat that you have on the right side of your screen and then, once you're out of time, start decorating its neighboring one with the same tasty ingredients making sure to display them exactly as on the pizza set as an example. Test your memory skills remembering where exactly those delicious pieces of cheese were initially placed, where you should place those yummy pepperonis, those tasty olives and so on. Wouldn't you qualify this game as one of the most demanding free memory games that you've ever played? The more accurate your final pizza décor will look, the more it will resemble the pattern one, the higher your score will be.


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