Locked Inside the House

Celine here is such a friendly young lady, you know! The moment she heard about that new family moving into her neighborhood, so very close to her hose, she decided to pay them a visit and... bring them one of her mommy's famous pies, too, just to welcome them into the neighborhood! Well, unfortunately, something totally unexpected happened: they've decided to play a game and put her to a tricky test by... getting her locked inside their home! Luckily, she has her precious Kitty, Susie, to keep her company, but when it comes to finding her way out of here, she counts on you to help her out, you know! So, step into this mysterious house and use the left and right arrows in the bottom of your screen for going from one room to another and... scan the entire place, looking for valuable clues. You'll see: this is one of the most engaging room escape games you've ever played!Take a really close look at every single piece of furniture and decorative object, look for key items such as keys, door combs or pieces of paper that you will be able to use, later on, for solving this puzzle and help lovely Celine free herself out of her neighbors' house!

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