Little Lillies

Girls, meet chic Lily! “Lily “comes from her favorite flower, “chic” stands for her exquisite, unique fashion style, so you can just imagine that for a walk in that botanic garden, right in the lilies' blossom season is her chance to dress to impress and flaunt a look as lovely as the delicately gorgeous lilies surrounding her. Would you help her get decided upon the most chic outfit playing the little lilies dress up game?

Should she go for a lovely girly chic look or maybe for a fancy, sophisticated look for her walk in the garden of lilies? Dress up Lily with chic, off shoulder or low neck blouses, go through her pretty, flounce skirts and cute minidresses and see what combinations you can think off, what looks you can pout together to make her look so chicly lovely and to highlight her sweet looks with. Now, how about continuing the little lilies dress up game by getting her all styled up, dressed in fancy, stylish pencil dresses, lovely chic minidreses and even pretty full skirt dresses. Which one would make her look as beautiful and exquisite as the breathtaking, blossomed lilies in the garden? The low neck, sophisticated, ladylike dress highlights her silhouette in such a lvely way, the sweet chic baby doll full skirt dress just make her look so pretty walk walking through the falling lilies there. There are some pretty hard decisions there to make as a fashion stylist, no to mention the even harder decisions to make when it comes to styling up her chic outfits with some exquisite accessories, too! A fancy hat or maybe a romantic hair accessory, some stylish heels or a pair of chic boots are sure to add so much chicness to her looks!

Have fun playing the little lilies dress up game and styling up chic Lily for her walk on the lilies covered catwalk!

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