Lemon Zest Roller Skates Style

You're greatly needed in Equestria! Lovely Lemon Zest's participating (along with her BFF, Sunny Flare) to the Friendship Games competition and they're at the start line as we speak, decided to win the roller skating contest! She could really use a confidence-boosting fashion look, yous know! So, hurry up and scan through her pretty, pretty pleated dresses, through her chic, multicolored tops and girly miniskirts, mix and match them to your liking and pull off a winning, attention-grabbing, pretty skater fashion look with a twist for her! Don't forget to get her some chic, boldly colored roller skates and a gorgeous hairstyle, too, opting either for a lemon zest-like color or for a brand new, eye-catching one!

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