Lady Magician

Don't you agree that putting together the perfect look is like putting a spell upon yourself? Fashion tips are like magic tricks that transform you in a super trendy teen girl. Just check out the lady magician game and play some fashion tricks!

Besides the incredible tricks they do, magicians get to wear some fabulous outfits, the kind of clothes and accessories you can also find in themagic girl dress up game. When I say fabulous clothes I refer to those incredibly feminine, full corsets you have in themagic girl dress up game that go so great with o long, fancy magician cape. How about the jewelry? Well, great magic needs to be equaled by gorgeous, glittering jewels. Those fabulous necklace and earrings you can find in the magic girl dress up game will surely catch all your attention and draw it away from resolving her cherished, hidden magic enigmas. For a slightly more girlish look you could dress her up with a tiny pleated skirt and a colorful, hot vest. There, she has had your fashion tricks, now she is ready for her magic ones!

One of he most popular tricks is the one with the cute bunny coming out of a hat. Can you imagine what he is wearing? Check out thebaby rabbit dress up game !

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