Kitty Grooming Salon

So you're a big, big animal lover, but does that make you a great pet groomer and pet... stylist as well? Find out accepting a job in one of the most popular and therefore most crowded, as well, kitty grooming salons in town! Pick the lucky pussycat that you'd like to pamper first and then... spoil her with some of the best fur washing products. Cover up your fluffy customer in foam, applying that kitty shampoo all over her body, wash it through and through and then make sure to rinse it off completely. If you're used to playing pet salon games, you will surely love this cute kitty pampering session here! Next, blow dry your pet's fur, lest she should catch a cold or something, but only after you've padded it dry with the help of the towel put there at your disposal. Don't forget about your kitty's oral hygiene as well and use that tooth brush like a pro' for getting her the perfectly clean teeth that would best complement her fur's new incredibly soft and spotless clean look!



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