Kids on Ferris Wheel

If it's a weekend day, then it sure means that the funfair is going to be pretty crowded, overcrowded I could say! How about lending a helping hand? What you could do to help would be to make sure that each one of these cute kiddos gets his/her chance to ride the ferris wheel. It's easy: all you need to do is drag and drop each tiny customer onto the wheel, spin it and... keep spinning it till you spot a huge smile on the kid's face, the first sign that he's super happy and would like to come down. If you play free management games pretty often, you will definitely find the role of a funfair assistantso very addictive! Be quick, be efficient, making sure that you never have too many clients waiting in line for their turn on the wheel. You don't want to see lots of disappointed, sad little faces staring at you, now do you? It makes a lovely day today, the perfect day to spend at the funfair, so be quick to turn it into these children's best fun-filled day spent at the amusement park!

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