Jingle Belts

Decorating the Christmas tree is definitely a special moment for this charming young lady here and since such festive moments call for festive, dazzling chic outfits, how about helping her look so very stylish while beautifying the tree she'll impress Santa with this year? The exquisite, surprise accessory of her fancy look is going to be one of her gorgeous Christmas special belts, so make sure you carefully pick the perfect outfit, digging through all the glam chic outfits and lovely accessories available for you in the jingle belts dress up game, and that you put together a truly special fashion look to celebrate these special moments with!

The question that your should ask yourself now is: a fancy, dazzling evening dress or a lovely chic two piece fashion combo? Hmmm! She would look so pretty dressed up with one of her colorful chic cashmere cardigans paired with a lovely miniskirt or some stylish jeans, glamed up, of course, with a glittery golden jingle belt. You have surely played other Christmas dress up games before, but how many of them stunned you with such an exquisite... jingle belts collection? On the other hand, she would look so posh fancy dressed up in one of her sequined dazzling evening minidreses or lovely chic full skirt minidresses styled up with some cutting-edge, fabulous high heeled shoes and... a Christmas special, sparkly chic jingle belt. Now, do you know what would best finish off her festive, glam-posh Christmas fashion look, what would add even more loveliness to her gorgeous features? An equally gorgeous hairstyle! Frame her beautiful face with a superb, slightly wavy long-length hairdo or go for a so very feminine ponytail, put a lovely, glittery Christmas tree decoration in her hand and she'll be ready to strike her pose, for she sure looks just like a fabulous, glamorous tompodel beautifying her Christmas tree during an amazing photo shoot! Now, wouldn't you place this game on your top favorite Christmas dress up games list?

Play the jingle belts dress up game and learn all about mixing high class fashion with some of the most popular Christmas symbols and creating some super stylish Christmas special fashion looks!

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