January Cover Girl

Getting selected to appear on the cover of a super famous, worldwide known fashion magazine is a dream come true even for one of the best rated supermodels in the world! Put your super fashion skills to work, too, and get her the look that will inspire lots and lots of fashion-addicted teen girls all over the world playing the January cover girl dress up game!

Can you imagine how many readers will actually try to copy the wining cover girl fashion look that you're just about to put together? Make sure you'll meet their expectations and get her a stunning, emerald green, hate couture evening gown glamed up with some gorgons golden chandelier earrings or maybe a fancy handbag. You simply cannot go wrong going for a preppy chic peter pan collared 70s'fashion inspired minidress paired with some stylish high heeled shoes and... a lovely school girl ponytail maybe? Now, would you dare creating a more daring, fashion-forward look? Is this like one of the most amazingly designed topmodel dress up games that you've ever played or what? How about some bold print leggins paired with a stylish flouncy blouse, with a statement belt, too, if possibly, and styled up with a statement ring, too, and some fashion-forward, bold designer heels? The combos you could think of are endless, just keep digging into her fabulous wardrobe, playing the January cover girl dress up game, and your creativity as a fashion stylist will do the rest!

If you, too, have always been fascinated with topmodel dress up games, if you loved sneaking a close look at all those fabulous fashion collections that they actually get to pick from, all all those statement designer jewels and cutting-edge shoes that they get to wear, then you will definitely going to love this dress-up game here!

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