Ina Balerina

As all those huge posters say: Ina will be the prima ballerina in that ballet show scheduled for this evening. All the tickets have already been bought, everyone is excited about seeing the new born ballerina star performing her gracious dancing moves on stage, so you can just imagine that she's more than nervous about the show. Get the Ina ballerina dress up game started and give her an exquisite, super chic ballerina look to dazzle her entire audience with!

You've just stepped on the exact very stage that Ina will be performing on this evening! Don't let yourself intimidated, for there's little time left till the show starts and the main star of the show hasn't yet decided upon the stylish outfits to be worn under those blinding spotlights! Dress up Ina ballerina with lovely, V neck sleeveless tops, then see how a flouncy one would look on her, or maybe a chic embroidered corset bodice, then look for the prettiest tutu skirt to complete her ballerina fashion look with! Should she pick a lovely snow white tutu or go for a rosy pink, ruffle tutu? Look through all those preciously looking clothing items that you have at your disposal in the Ina ballerina dress up game, and put together a dazzling look for our pretty ballerina here!

No detail should be underestimated, for they're the ones that will add even more grace and refinement to Ina's outfit! Select the loveliest hair accessory for her to style up her sophisticated ballerina updo with, then glam her up getting her some resplendent jewels and don't forget about the lovely ballerina ribbon shoes, for they're the ones that will add the last touch of chicness to her outfit!

Enjoy being this prima ballerina's personal fashion stylist, while playing the Ina ballerina dress up game, and get her the look that will add so much chicness and refinement to her gracious dancing moves!

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