Hop Hop Wabbit

There's no doubt that he is by far the cutest Easter bunny out there, but this year he's decided to win the title of the most stylish Easter bunny, too! Bring in your fashion skills and help him decide what colorful cute costume he should put on this year and bring a huge smile on all the kids' faces, all lover the world. You have all the clothing items and funny looking accessories that you need in the hop hop the wabbit dress up game!

Dare clicking on those bright red Easter eggs, on your screen, they will surely not break, but they will instantly put on different clothes and accessories on your bunny model there! It's a bunny dress up game that will definitely put your creativity to a test, so feel free to use your imagination and dress up the hop hop the wabbit with a multicolored, pretty looking harlequin costume, then see how his cutie cute looks are highlighted by a girly chic fashion look and dress him up with a nice top and a flouncy miniskirt, then try styling him up with a fancy chic tuxedo. Are you having fun yet? Then get ready to have some more, for thisanimal dress up gameis filled with other great fashion surprises for you to discover. Have you checked out the funny looking chicken costume that this long eared cutie could wear on Easter Day? How about the strappy, multihued socks and the lovely looking baskets filled with colorful Easter eggs? You have them all right here, in the hop hop the wabbit dress up game, just continue clicking on those Eastern eggs-shaped categories and you'll get to put together the craziest, funniest looks for your new bunny fiend here!

Play the hop hop the wabbit dress up game and get this bunny a colorful, chic look to wear on Easter Day, then, if you feel like making another bunny super happy, play the Bunny Dress Up, too,

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