Home Decoration

Are you ready to show off your skills as a decorator? Then seize the chance of putting together the house of your dreams, from A to Z! Start by picking its rooms and displaying them to your liking: it's up to your whether the bathroom goes on the second floor or on the first floor, whether the master bedroom should be placed next to the kitchen or to the living room. Next, unleash that talented, creative interior designer in you! Go through the impressive collection of pieces of furniture and decoration items, select the chicest ones, and mix and match them to your liking: pick a huge bed, wrapped in satin, gorgeously colored sheets, the bedroom's main center of attention, don't forget to liven up the living room with the right type of apartment plants, to select an extravagant, luxury chandelier, as well, a lovely shaped mirror frame to place in the bathroom and keep making the best selections and arranging all those items in all the rooms of your future dream house! Since you love house decoration games for girls so much you'll surely enjoy walking into the shoes of an interior designer when turning this house into a cozy chic home!


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