Hollywood Perfect Hair

Have you done through all sorts of efforts to get your hair look like the one of your most admired celebrity? Guess what, playing the Hollywood perfect hair game not only that you get to improve your skills as a hairdresser, but you get to work in the most famous hairdressing salon in Hollywood!

Fame comes with a lot work and popularity with so many clients! That’s why the salon you’re working in is always full of celebs waiting to get their hair done for some fancy cocktail party or a very important TV show. Get thetrendy hairstyle gamestarted and don’t get those divas wait too long, lest you should run out of clients. Come in please! The first cinema diva wants as complete change of style. She prefers to dye her hair red and cut it short, theRihannastyle. Pay attention to all you customer’s wishes and make sure you choose the right products and the right haircut for her. I know it’s tough when you have so many other clients waiting, but you have to show them you’re a professional hairdresser and that you can manage stressful situations. Great! She looks fabulous! Next, please! There’s no need to panic. In the trendy hairstyle game you have only those scissors and hair dyers that you can find only in those exclusive salons. Moreover, you get to see the client’s thoughts. That’s right, you’re such a talented hairdresser that you get to the point where you can see her thoughts. Guide your choice by the customer’s wishes and you’re certain that she will recommend you to her other celebrity best friends. Have fun playing the trendy hairstyle game!

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