Highschool Flirting

Let's admit it, girls, high-school is a real love battlefield! The more admirers you have the higher your prestige grows! Help this high-school girl get the love of as many boys as possible and compete with her girl rivals, playing thehigh-school flirting girl game!

There's no need of mascara to get her a killer look or a sheer punk lip gloss, not even a peach hued blush so that she could catch the attention of her boys in her high-school. How can you help her than? Simple, when you play the high-school flirting girl game, all you need to do is give the right clicks on your computer mouse. En guard: cute boy coming true! Give him a click so as to mark him as your target,. Then continue clicking till he falls in love head over heal with her. Isn't' this a super fun online girl game? Now, get on to the next cute boy and keep a close watch on your possible rivals. That's right, whenever you see a girl who might attempt of stealing your “target's” attention, you need to bring in all your forces and click quickly on that boy, continue clicking till he falls for her. Easy, isn't it? Only if it could have been as easy in real life too!

Still, when you need to feel like you're the center of attention in your high-school, the best means is to put on a super trendy outfit, don't you agree? Check out some of the most stylish teen clothing and accessories playing thetrendy teen dress up game!

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