Guinea Pig Care

Don't they make like some of the most heart-melting adorable pets? I bet you're a big, big guinea pigs fan and that you could not refuse them anything once they cast their big, heavenly cute eyes on you. Well, now what would you say about testing your skills as the owner of one of these little bundles of fur? Play the guinea pig care game and prove that you're the most caring and loving owner this piggy here could have ever dreamed of!

What better way to start a day, for your piggy pet here, then by taking a reinvigorating bath? His fur needs cleaning, so you'd better move the on-screen sponge all over his tiny body, then don't forget to rinse off all that foam lest some of it should land into his sensitive eyes. Once you've towel dried it, once you've brushed your tiny furry fellow here, he'll be so ready for his playtime. Then, using a lettuce as a bait, you'll be encouraging your guinea pig to do his work-outs, to run about his cage. Has any of those fun pet care games for girls that you've tried so far been as engaging and “unbearably” cute as this game here?Also, don't forget to reward him with more than some of his favorite piggy snacks and fresh veggies, but with lots and lots of kisses, too, of course! Now, what would you say about fashionizing your chubby pet a bit? A new funky chic little hat or a pretty bow will surely take his look from cutie cute to adorably chic!

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