Grilled Barbecue

If spring is here, then it sure means that outdoor grilled barbecues' season is officially opened! This resto here is super famous for its delicious barbecues and since with the sunny season's arrival clients have become to flood in, they're looking for an assistant chef. Would you care to see if you can pass the test? Then put on your apron and... get ready to attend to the very first hungry customer popping up before the counter! Drag the chicken meat onto the grill you have there, wait for it to get nicely cooked on one side, then once the helpful green arrow pops up, be quick to turn it on the other side as well and then serve it to the eager client! If you play management games online like an “addict” you will surely rate this one here as one of the most engaging ones you've ever enjoyed! He/she will reward you with one precious golden coin, but don't waste too much time getting overexcited about it for... here you have the second customer showing up! The better you get as an assistant cook, the more money you'll gain and the more chances you'll have to buy all those valuable supplies, such as different types of meat to be turned into... grilled barbecues, besides the standard chicken meat. Good luck!

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