Gracie's Fruteria

Gracie's just opened her fruteria! Since it's been rumored throughout the entire town that she'll be serving the most delicious, juiciest, freshest fruitties here, even if today it's just the opening day, clients have already started to flood in. The moment you spot one customer on one of the chairs there, on the waiting area of her store, be quick to help Gracie attennd to him/ her, and bring him/her the exact fruits he/she'd like to buy. Looking through all the store simulation games available online, could you deny that this is one of the most engaging ones? So, which are that granny's favorite fruits? Would she buy a big juicy pineapple or maybe some tasty, vitamin C-overloaded oranges or rather some tasty looking red apples? Whenever Gracie runs the risk of remaining out of some specific fruits, make sure to help re-supply her store! Be quick, be efficient and you'll surely turn Gracie's fruteria into the most popular ones in town!

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