Gorgeous Prince and Princess

She's sure to be “the belle of the ball” and her handsome date is sure to dazzle away all those pretty princesses and stunning queens attending this royal ball! Now, how about turning them into the most stylish couple there, too, getting the prince and princess dress up game started?

Do you have your doubts that you can make this lovely looking fantasy beauty look even more charming? Well, give it a try! Add a touch of rosy pink blush in her cheek, pick a lovely eyecolor, too, and then select the lipstick color that will get her such a precious, polished look! Gorgeous! Don't forget about prince charming here, too, for he's waiting for you to pick the haircut and eye color that's more likely to help him stand out from the crowd of royal blooded heartthrobs attending this party! Now, are you ready for what seems to be the best part of this princess dress-up game: picking the perfect ball gown? Your have sheer blue, stunning full skirt dresses there, you have gorgeous A-line candy pink gowns to consider, not to mention the corset bodice white-and-purple one which is simply: dazzling! Add the right touch of glitter, going through her diamond earrings and necklaces, then see what formal, smart-looking prince fashion look you could get her handsome date, too!

Any girl, no matter her age, loves to play princess dressup games, so why should she not enjoy the best-rated ones, like this lovely fantasy girl game here, for instance?

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