Girls Love Knitting

Lovely Lucille here has discovered a new chic hobby: knitting! That's right, she would knit for hours on end, designing cozy chic knit winter sweaters to enrich and style up her wardrobe with and all kinds of lovely fluffy winter hats, gloves and scarves, too, which, since they're handmade, will help her stand out from the crowd during the cold season. Now, since she's getting ready for another one of her fun, relaxing knitting sessions, how about getting her the effortless chic look to get her into the right knitting mood? Scan through her gorgeous cardigans, cute print long sleeve- t-shirts and sweaters, through her chic skirts and comfy jeans, check out her pretty head accessories and sparkly jewels, too, and put together a so very cozy, yet so very chic look for our knitting beauty here!
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