Gift Shop 2

Love is in the air in this lovely shop here: this is the little store in town where every client that enters is deeply in love, you know! Lots and lots of customers are coming in her each time they feel like surprising their loved ones with some special gifts and you're the shop assistant who'll sell them these presents! So, you'd better hurry up and attend the first customer entering your gift shop! It's a young man who'd love to surprise his sweetheart with a present meant to sweep her off her feet! Is is a cute teddy bear that will help him express his love for his girlfriend or rather a special present wrapped in a lovely gift box with a red ribbon on or maybe a resplendent diamond necklace that would take her breath away? Depending on the item appearing in the wish bubble above your customer's head, be quick to guide your client towards the right shelves in the store! Isn't this like one of the most fast-paced shop simulation games that you've ever played? Then, once the customer has made up his mind and he's decided to pay for a special, highly romantic gift, rush in to cash in the money! Next, get ready to greet the next customer hit by Cupid's love arrow!

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