Garfield Dressup

If we were to make a top of the most loved cartoon characters of all times, Garfield would certainly be among the first top 3! You're familiar with Garfield the veroceous eater, the sneaky tom cat, but what about Garfield the stylish cat? Check him out playing theGarfield dress up game

Now, that we have got accustomed with the idea of Garfield as a sort of a cute fashion icon, let me tell you other secrets of your adored tom cat: he is crazy about costumes. That's right! In the Garfield dress up game you get to choose from all those cool costumes! How do you imagine him dressed up in the future Garfield movie series? Aa a pirate maybe? Then, just drag and drop the funky, pirate hat you can find on the right side of the page, a pair of brown tight pants and. and.. something is still missing! Oh, yes, check out his funny-cruel face with that huge beard you can drag and drop from the bottom of the page. Has someone said:Superman? Well, he will surely love trying on that Superman costume there. Don't forget to add the cloak to his cool costume!

Garfield is not the only pussycat in love with costumes! I present you Meow Meow! Check out themeow meow dress up game now!       

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