Galaedhel The Elf Princes

Living in a fantasy world and having so many cool magical powers is not new for an elf princess! Still, what makes this cute elf stand apart from her other royal-blooded elf sisters is her exquisite fashion style. That's right! It's time you added some magical glow to your wardrobe after you've checked out the stylish princess outfits in theGalaedhel the elf princess dress up game! There's a lot of sequins and magical glitter all over her wardrobe, in her one-shoulder and chic strapless tops, in her spectacular princess gowns and flouncy miniskirts. Now, a fantasy elf, especially a princess elf cannot show off, fluffing her little wings, without her sparkling necklaces and her glowing bracelets, they only ones worthy for such a gorgeous, stylish fantasy girl!

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