Fruit Memory

Are you ready to face this fruity avalanche? Once you start flipping over the first card, then the next one, and the next one, you'll start feeling your mouth water at the sight of all those bright red, juicy cherries and strawberries, at the sight of all those refreshing oranges, tasty pears and delicious fresh apples. If you adore having your memory skills challenged and sharpened playing fun memory games for girls online, you will definitely grow addicted to this engaging game here! Still, don't just fancy about them, imagining them cooked as some yummy yummy fruit salads or fruit pies, for your job is to.. pair them. Yup, pair all those identical fruits, two by two, trying to remember which fruity was hiding behind each one of those on-screen cards. The better you become at matching those yummy fruits, the more challenging the levels will get!


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