Frozen Sisters' College Life

Finally, queen Elsa and her sister, princess Anna, are about to enjoy their very first day of college! That's right, they're now attending one of the most prestigious colleges in Arendelle and... they'd sure love to make an impression on their very first day of school! So, they've picked you as their make-up artist and fashion adviser, having full confidence in you that you'll turn them into some... college fashionistas! Start with gorgeous Elsa and... enhance her natural beauty with a refined, flawless make-up look: for a flawless complexion, go for a porcelain-like foundation cream, then add a touch of color to her look, as well, with the help of a tinted lip balm and a sheer colored eyeshadow, as well! Next, feel free to take a really close look at college sweetie Elsa's wardrobe and accessories collection and... mix and match them into some head-turning, smart-looking fashion looks with a twist. As a frozen Elsa and Anna games fan you'll definitely love this game here in particular! You could opt for preppy chic combos made of white shirts and chic college girl skirts or for a ladylike trench coat or maybe for a so, so very lovely chic bow tie shirt or a preppy sweet dress, keeping in mind to style them all up with effortless chic hairstyles, too, and a sweet headband or rather some nerdy-chic eyeglasses instead. Enjoy beautifying and styling up college sweetie Anna, as well!

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